In the beginning

I’m just another twenty-something.

I like to cook but I love to bake. I practice yoga more nights a week than my wardrobe and washing machine can handle. My third-best-friend is a bottle of Febreze.

I would like to call myself introspective and thoughtful, but the truth probably hovers closer to “self-involved.” Isn’t that what they say about our age group, after all? Navel-gazing is our biggest talent and favorite pastime.

I cherish time spent with friends and close relationships.

I make too much noise. The aforementioned navel-gazing turns to too much worry, too many complaints. I’m starting to feel like a hummingbird, inordinately loud, even while staying in place.

So, invisible internet world, I move my thoughts to your silent and instantly silenceable platform. Keep me company, please, as I boisterously hum my way through the rest of this decade, ungraceful and off-pitch.

Yours truly,